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The Society of Orpheus and Bacchus cordially welcomes you—whether you are a newly minted member of the class of 2022 or a returning 2021 Yalie—to Rush 2018! Rush is a unique opportunity for you to get to know us and for us to get to know you through a series of concerts, auditions and rush meals. It's an intense but fun-packed month-long experience that begins as soon as school starts and culminates with Tap Night sometime in September.

If you are interested in joining our Society and becoming part of our 80-year brotherhood of music and revelry, this page belongs to you! Consider checking back later in August to see who our rush managers will be!

MEET YOUR RUSH MANAGERS (they're pretty cool dudes, we'd like to think)
Don't hesitate to get in touch with Benji Rewis, Matt LaMirande, and Kevin Li if you have any rush-related questions (click the dolphin on the left).
Benji Matt Kevin Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be an experienced singer to rush the SOBs?

No. In fact, many of the current SOBs did not start singing seriously until they came to Yale. Everyone in the group has a different musical background, ranging from studying at Juilliard to singing in the shower. You don't need to be a trained singer to rush the SOBs; you just need to have a passion for music and an interest in singing in college.

What are auditions like?

SOB auditions are fun and very low-key, so don't worry! When you arrive, you'll have a chance to meet all the guys and sing a few warm-ups and exercises with us.

After that, we'll ask you to join three of us in performing the "Aura Lee" quartet. Take some time to look over the music and practice singing through one of the parts. Someone of your voice part will be available to help you if you get stuck, so don't sweat it if you're having trouble with your line.

You can download an audition music kit from the rush links on the right.

Finally, we'll ask you to perform a solo of your choice. Pick something that you're comfortable with and that showcases your voice. Rushees have been tapped into the group after singing everything from operatic arias to "Happy Birthday"; the important thing is to find a song you enjoy singing and go for it.

Rush Guide

A cappella rush at Yale is reputed to be one of the most exciting moments of a person's life—akin to giving birth to quintuplets, getting through Rainbow Road in Mario Kart and dining 'n' dashing at a Waffle House when your waitress is a retired NFL linebacker.

But rest easy, citizens of Yaletown! The SOB Rush Guide to the Galaxy is here to help you navigate through the labor pangs, frantic button-pressing and sprinting skills. Read on.

Step 1
What is rush really like? Imagine two weeks of meeting awesome people while exploring Yale's dining halls, listening to some sweet tunes and singing with each group through stress-free, fun-packed auditions.

That's rush.
Step 2
You'll be signing up for an audition right after Dwight Jam; we'll give you a packet that contains all the info you need for the next two weeks.
Step 3
The audition! See the Rush FAQs below for more info.
Step 4
Between the start of auditions (Friday, August 31st, 2018) and callbacks (Saturday, September 8th, 2018) you may go on one or more rush meals with the SOBs. Rush meals are a great way to meet members over a plate of Berkeley mac 'n' cheese or an ice-cream sandwich.
Step 5
During these two weeks, each group will host a singing dessert for their rushees. Instead of the two songs you get at Woolsey/Dwight Jams, you'll have two whole sets of music and comedy for your listening pleasure. The SOB Singing Dessert will be on Wednesday, September 5th at 8:00 PM.
Step 6
Two weeks into rush, we'll call back a number of rushees for another audition—it's just as relaxed and fun as the first, and helps us get to know your voice better.

And then... you'll see.
Rush Calendar
Woolsey Jam
10:30 PM
Join us as we perform in this showcase of Yale's superb a cappella groups in Woolsey Hall.
Dwight Jam
10:30 PM
This second set of Yale a cappella kicks off Rush 2018! Sign up at our table for an audition slot and packet.
(Auditions: Aug. 31st to Sep. 2nd)
Singing Dessert
8:30 PM
Sweet harmonies, a cornucopia of sweet foods and some sweet jokes? We'll see you at Mory's (306 York strong) at 8:00pm.
(Callbacks: Sep. 8th & 9th)
Tap Night
?? : ?? PM
Where rushees become neophytes, where gods and mortals meet.
Yale Singing Group Council Website
Our group is a member of the Yale Singing Group Council (SGC), an umbrella organization that represents 16 undergraduate a cappella groups. The SGC organizes rush, along with other events throughout the year. Click the button to find information about rush and a cappella at Yale.
Audition Music Kit
Click the note on the left to download a file containing the Aura Lee sheet music and audio samples.
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