Some Pig
Mixed by Overboard
Mastered by Diovoce
℗ A Cappella Records

1. Don't Stop Me Now (Composer: Mercury)
Arr. Ehrlich '07, Solo: Robert Ramaswamy

2. Friend Like Me (Composer: Menken, Ashman)
Arr. Maas '14, Solos: Ben Silver, Nick Maas

3. Feeling Good (Composer: Newley, apb: Bublé)
Arr. Venturelli '12, Solo: Nick Venturelli

4. When You are Old and Grey (Composer: Lehrer)
Arr. Bass '75, Quartet: Aaron Effron, Retley Locke, Jason No, Xiao Shi

5. Higher and Higher (Composer: Smith, Jackson, Miner)
Arr. Lieblich '10, Solos: Jack O'Reilly, Max Pommier

6. Hallelujah (Composer: Cohen)
Arr. Ehrlich '07, Solo: Miron

7. Early in the Morning (Composer: Stookey)
Arr. Everett '61 & Lieblich '10, Solo: Noah Kleinberg, Robert Ramaswamy

8. Fake Plastic Trees (Composer: Radiohead)
Arr. Lieblich '10, Trio: Paul Leo, Jack O'Reilly, Noah Kleinberg

9. I Wanna Be Like You (Composer: Richard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman)
Arr. Lieblich '10, Solos: Tom James, John Clayton, Sharif Youssef

10. Brokedown Palace (Composer: Garcia, Hunter)
Arr. Bourla '04 & Geballe '05, Solo: Jonny Barclay

11. Motherless Child (apb: The Harmonizing Four)
Arr. Kelly '13 Solo: Cuchulain Kelly

12. That Cat is High (Composer: J. Mayo Williams)
Arr. Prestley '77, Quartet: Venturelli, Clayton, Long, Ramaswamy, Solos: Sharif Youssef, Jason No

13. Pure Imagination (Composer: Bricusse, Newley)
Arr. Venturelli '12 & Clayton '13 Solo: John Clayton

14. Old Songs (Composer: Pollack, Gilbert, Cahn, Chaplin)
Arr. Prestley '77 Solos: Richard Miron, Kyle Picha, Aaron Effron, Tom James, Tobias Kirchwey, Cuchulain Kelly, Retley Locke, Nick Venturelli, Robert Ramaswamy

15. Go the Distance (Composer: Menken)
Arr. Venturelli '12 & Kelly '13 Solo: Nathan Long

16. The Ballad of John Henry (Composer: Belafonte)
Arr. Bass '75, Solo: Robert Ramswamy, Noah Kleinberg, Nathan Long, Jack O'Reilly, Xiao Shi, Tobias Kirchwey

17. The Ranger's Song (Composer: Tierney, McCarthy)
Arr. Bass '75