Out of the Box
Produced by Andrew Evren '19-1
Tracked by Douglas Streat '16, Andrew Evren '19-1, John Kauffman '19-1+1
Edited by Ted Trembinski
Mixed by Ed Boyer
Mastered by Dave Sperandio, Vocal Mastering
Album art by Samuel Bennet

1. Feeling Good
arr. Venturelli ‘12 (adp. Acheson ‘16)
music & lyrics by Newley & Bricusse
solo: John Kauffman

2. Almost is Never Enough
arr. Bansal ‘16+1 & Picha ‘14+1
opb. Ariana Grande
solo: Josh Bansal

3. I Can't Make You Love Me
arr. Picha '14+1
opb: Bonnie Raitt
solo: Jesse Wang

4. No Pressure
arr. Huang '19
opb. Justin Bieber
solo: Jason Morris

5. Country Boy
arr. Everett '60
music & lyrics by Brooks and Barer
solo: Dylan Hosmer-Quint
quartet: Kieff, Streat, Zembowicz, Almquist

6. (Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay
arr. Acheson
solo: Dane Underwood

7. Gravity
arr. Acheson
opb. Sara Bareilles
solo: Khyber Shepperd

8. Valerie
arr. Kauffman '19-1+1
opb. The Zutons
solo: Kwasi Enin

9. Shenandoah
arr. Gooding '80 (adp. Pertel '85)
solo: Benson May

10. Waves
arr. Evren '19-1 & Gregson '19'
opb. Kanye West, verse by Evren '19-1
solo: Andrew Evren

11. Blues in the Night
arr. Everett '60
music & lyrics by Arlen & Mercer
solos: Zembowicz, Gregson, Biniaz, Huang

12. I See Fire
arr. Huang '19
opb. Ed Sheeran
solo: Kris Acuña
duet: Kauffman

13. Sweet Life
arr. Kauffman '19-1+1
opb. Frank Ocean
solo: Joradn Lee

14. Red is the Rose
arr. Sveshnikov '18
solo: Stephan Sveshnikov
quartet: Biniaz, Gittler, Huang

15. The Ballad of John Henry
arr. Bass '75
American folk song
solos: Acuña, Chwala, Smith, Kieff, Johnson, Gregson

16. Pretty Girl
arr. Walradt '41
alumni song
speech: Acuña

17. Going Stag
arr. Clayton '13 & Woods '14+1
music & lyrics by Clayton & Woods
solo: Doug Streat